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Piano Technique by Walter Gieseking

The "Piano Technique" written by Walter Gieseking and Karl Leimer is a comprehensive guidebook that explores the artistry and technical mastery of renowned pianist Walter Gieseking. It offers valuable insights and practical advice to pianists of all levels, emphasizing touch, tone production, finger technique, interpretation, and musical expression.

Speeding Up

Leaving on time, aiming in a straight line for your goal, and maintaining a relaxed approach, you can enhance your speed and overall performance on the piano. Speeding Up Your Piano Playing.

Making Mistakes, Indentify the problem.

When we make mistakes, we tend to see them as coincidences while attributing success to our skills. However, the opposite is often true. To improve, identify the problem, repeat challenging sections, observe, listen, and aim for flawless execution. Dedicate focused study sessions for efficient progress.