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Audio Examples

On this page you can listen to the tunes available there and get and impression and getting inspired to play the tunes.

This is how I played them but you can simplify them or make it more complex and improvise over it. Just use the tunes the best you can.
  1. Summer Swing (Summer 2019 Bonus Song: 1 euro)
  2. Home Again
  3. Walk the Blues
  4. Piano Blues
  5. The Old House
  6. Happy Birthday (5 versions)
  7. Adios Nonino Piano Cadenza
  8. Elegy
  9. Little Clock
  10. Jolly Ride
  11. Memory Lane
  12. Strolling in Minor
  13. Bella Ciao Duet, from the series: La Casa de Papel
  14. Bella Ciao Solo Piano, from the series: La Casa de Papel
  15. Water Birds (how to solo later on video)
  16. Bossa Baristo
  17. Basin Street Blues arrangement

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Tunes are recorded in our studio.
recording acoustic music in small ensembles