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Piano Technique

New video's about how to play, handle the piano, study, relax.
In short very informative video's explained by Hetty Sponselee.

The correct position of your hand when you play the piano, it has only to be a relaxed position and everybody has his own hand, and thus his own hand position!

A simple but effective one-minute-a-day exercise for improvement of the independence of the fingers and control of your touch.

How to learn in an easy way to play left and right hand with difference in volume levels, like right hand stronger/softer then left hand when they play at the same time.

A short and simple exercise how to use the pedal in a correct way.

A basic exercise for playing staccato and legato with both hands together. It’s also a start-up exercise for playing left hand with lateral movement while right hand plays the melody.

How to practice a good coördination in playing broken chords.

First exercise of lateral movement in the left hand while playing a melody in the right hand.
Example used here are the first four bars of the Mondschein Sonate from Beethoven.
Two practical tips for studying the chromatic scale and lateral movement.

Tips for the first exercise froms Hanon’s book ‘Klavier Virtuose’.

Exercise for training a quick release of the key when play the next one.
Most important action  when you play the piano.

The position of the hand and thumb when playing scales.
The scales will sound more equal and your playing will be more relaxed.

For specific questions about how to study/play send us an e-mail.
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