Piano Tunes

Small Step, Big Effect

Focusing on deepening rather than broadening can have a profound impact. Taking the time to delve deeper into fundamental aspects of piano development and exploring a single piece can lead to overall improvement. By making choices and experimenting, musicians can develop a heightened perspective and control of their craft. This approach saves time and energy while producing noticeable changes within the repertoire.

The difference in approach, a Standard v.s. an Original.

What is the difference between playing and study a standard v.s. an original composition. Is there so much difference? Mastering a tune requires deep exploration and personal expression. It emphasizes the importance of dedicating time and immersing oneself in the music for a meaningful experience.

Playing the Blues, another approach

Another approach of a music style which looks rather simple to play, with 3 chords, 1 scale and 12 bars. But there is one thing we must not forget...

Piano Playing by Josef Hofmann

"Piano Playing" by Josef Hofmann is a comprehensive guide for pianists seeking to enhance their skills. Hofmann covers various aspects of piano playing, including technique, expression, and interpretation. Through practical advice and exercises, he offers valuable insights into mastering the instrument with finesse and precision. This book serves as a valuable resource for pianists of all levels, providing guidance and inspiration on the journey to becoming a proficient and expressive player.

Piano Technique by Walter Gieseking

The "Piano Technique" written by Walter Gieseking and Karl Leimer is a comprehensive guidebook that explores the artistry and technical mastery of renowned pianist Walter Gieseking. It offers valuable insights and practical advice to pianists of all levels, emphasizing touch, tone production, finger technique, interpretation, and musical expression.

Speeding Up

Leaving on time, aiming in a straight line for your goal, and maintaining a relaxed approach, you can enhance your speed and overall performance on the piano. Speeding Up Your Piano Playing.

Making Mistakes, Indentify the problem.

When we make mistakes, we tend to see them as coincidences while attributing success to our skills. However, the opposite is often true. To improve, identify the problem, repeat challenging sections, observe, listen, and aim for flawless execution. Dedicate focused study sessions for efficient progress.