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Best friends Gé Bijvoet (Jazz pianist) and Hetty Sponselee (Classical pianist) created this website in 2019 for pianists of all levels and musical interests who would like to learn and play different styles on the piano.

For those who want to learn how to play jazz, Brazil, pop etc. there are tutorials, exercises and lessons given by Gé, who also regularly writes new jazzy originals to play which can be found under the section ‘sheet music’.

Also for classical pianists it can be refreshing to play jazzy pieces with all kinds of new elements, different melodic lines and rhythms.

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Hetty wrote the first duet, Bella Ciao from “Casa de Papel”, for two of her best friends. As she got lots of positive reactions from pianists that love playing the piano together, she started to arrange duets from various themes, including pop, movie or classical and also solo arrangements from famous tunes and scores.
All sheet music is available online.

Explore Pianotunes ; it is THE site for everyone that loves playing the piano!

Introducing Gé and Hetty

Gé Bijvoet

Hetty Sponselee

Tunes are recorded in our studio.
recording acoustic music in small ensembles




Video's with to the point piano material, experiments, theory.
And sheet music is available in our shop and especially the educational part also often for free


mastering classical piano technique